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Big Yellow Group plc


Big Yellow is one of the leading self storage groups in the United Kingdom. The Company develops, owns and operates modern self storage centres for personal, business and leisure storage. Stores are located in London and the South of England with recent expansion into Europe. The Company had been experiencing very significant growth and there was concern that the existing systems were not appropriate for the future. Existing systems included a bespoke "self storage" program, Sage Line 50 accounts running at the Head Office plus Microsoft Office and email between stores.


Define functional requirements. Select packaged software. Make recommendation on internal IT support.


Multi-location, 8+ turnover.

Scope of requirements

CRM, logistics, e-services, finance, business intelligence.


Assessed the appropriateness of existing systems - assessed whether the existing space management software could meet future requirements.

Identified and addressed key systems issues - including different systems options (eg. packaged software versus bespoke), level of integration required between applications, sources and types of telemarketing software (eg. contact management versus sales automation software).

Identified and addressed organisational and operational matters - including internal IT support, user training and protocol for communication with head office.

Business intelligence - comprehensive sales analysis by location, property unit, customer, sales person, etc.



The Company selected suppliers who provided modern financial software together with an innovative Customer Relationship Management system interfacing with the space management software incorporating communications links between all sites and Head Office.

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