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The largest independent wholesale courier company in the UK. Its clients include all the major courier companies including TNT, Federal Express, DHL and UPS. In addition it also works with airlines directly providing own brand courier services. The main office, based near Heathrow Airport, consists of three operating units, customer service, operations and finance. A small network of PC's was being used running packaged accounting applications and bespoke operation and customer service applications.



Systems review.


1 warehouse, 25+ employees, 5m+ turnover.

Scope of requirements

Operations including consignment processing, pre-flight planning and consignment logistics. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) including sales & marketing and customer care. Finance including accounting ledgers and financial and management reporting.


Rapid expansion of the business - turnover was doubling year on year and the existing systems were unable to support the growth.

Appropriateness of existing systems - the need to determine if the existing computer hardware was appropriate and capable of supporting the future information systems required by the business.

Infrastructure standardisation - management needed assistance to determine the most appropriate computer systems infrastructure capable of supporting the existing and future business operations.

Integration - urgent need to determine how best to integrate all aspects of the operations so as to improve the timeliness and accuracy of information and the efficiency of production.

IT support - management required advice on how adequate IT support could be provided.



A 25 point action plan was developed which involved implementing new hardware infrastructure and implementation of standard packaged software to cover the operational and accounting aspects of the operations.

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