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Concentrating first on understanding the business, defining critical information requirements and identifying any organisational or operational issues that must be tackled. This requires drawing on a seasoned understanding of traditional and innovative approaches to business and IT strategy. We then consider the most appropriate overall systems options and summarise their feasibility, together with the related order of costs and the potential benefits. Typical deliverables include:

  • A pragmatic documented IT Systems Strategy

  • SWOT analysis of the effectiveness and appropriateness of existing systems

  • Feasibility studies and competitor research

  • Advantages and disadvantages of relevant systems options

  • Role of E-Services in your business strategy

  • Resources required to improve business systems

  • Phasing, priorities and timescales

  • Organisational and operational considerations

  • Business issues involved in the transition from old to new systems.


Frozen food producer

Manufacturer of medical safety products

Multi-site cash and carry company

Specialist service provider to marine insurance sector

New theatre for children

Wholesale distributor of food products

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