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WK Webster provide specialist services to clients involved in marine and other insurance activities world-wide. The Group operates from its head office in South-East England with offices in London, Europe, North America and the Far East. The business is built around four core services; claims adjusting & settling, recoveries, general average & casualty management and hull casualties. In addition to this core business, surveying companies have been set up handling cargo, hull and machinery damage and condition inspections.

The head office has a 120+ user network running the Novell network operating system and supporting predominately bespoke applications written in-house, Sun Account, Microsoft Office applications and internal and external e-mail. All other offices have networks on a much smaller scale running their own versions of the head office based systems.


IT systems strategy. User functional definitions.


6 operating location, 250+ staff world-wide, 9m+ turnover.

Scope of requirements

Case/claim registration, central address book, settlement accounting, management information and statistics, general ledger, office systems, remote office communication.


Islands of information - existing systems were departmental based with little or no sharing of information between operating sections.

Limited processing of input data - undertaken once entered into the various bespoke application systems.

Bespoke applications - confirmation was required into whether any of the requirements could be met using packaged software. 

Limited management information - much manual effort was required to produce management and statistical reports.

Application maintenance - each location should operate in a similar way, but each site had different versions of the application software which was causing support problems. 

Appropriateness of systems development tool - confirmation was required into whether Visual FoxPro was appropriate for future bespoke application development.

Old legacy systems - many of the existing applications were old and had a limited life. In addition the applications looked dated in comparison to the modern windows based applications which were being introduced.



An IT strategy was determined including defining a target systems structure incorporating e-business. The vision included a fully integrated system based on bespoke applications for the specialist case/claim registration systems. Following the IT strategy, assistance was provided in preparing appropriate user specifications for the various new bespoke systems.

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