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Manufacturer of exhibition display stands



UK subsidiary of an American company. Exhibition display stand designer and manufacturer. Existing systems comprised a network running Pegasus accounts with Apple Macs for design work. 


Assess the appropriateness of the planned US IS strategy to the UK operation.


3 UK locations, 50 employees, 4m+ turnover.

Scope of requirements

Finance, logistics, job costing, job scheduling and tracking, office automation.



US parent imposing software - US parent planned to impose a US accounting software package on the UK company.

US software concerns - problems with the US sourced software included few users outside of the USA, very limited local support in the UK and the product not fully converted to the UK business environment.

Different operating procedures - significant differences between US and UK "way of working".


Assisted the UK subsidiary to put a sound business case to the US parent justifying locally sourced accounting software.

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