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A leading UK consumer magazine publisher with other 100 popular titles. The computer services department provides a PC support function for over 800 users. Both PC's and Apple computers are supported and used for a wide variety of applications including, DTP, word processing, access to mainframe systems and vertical applications such as databases and spreadsheet applications. A new PC support manager has recently been recruited and has started implementing significant changes to the structure and operation of the PC support function. Management required confirmation that these proposals were appropriate for the future.


Advice on organisation and management of PC support function.


Large plc

Scope of requirements

PC support functions


Configuration standards - recommendations required for hardware and software configuration.

Support structure - the need to conclude on the most appropriate organisation structure, including staffing levels for the PC support function.

Support costs - a comparison of structure and costs against other similar sized organisations was required for benchmarking purposes.

Potential for outsourcing - explored the feasibility of outsourcing the PC support operation to either the main computer supplier or other third party outsourcing organisation.

Support services to be provided - need to determine the range of support services to be provided and identify any which could be provided by other sections within the computer services department.

How to make better use of suppliers - recommendations required for making better use of support services available from existing suppliers.


An appropriate support structure was outlined and a number of actions highlighted which would improve the overall support service provided.

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