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This Private Equity Firm leads mid-market private equity investments in medium sized growth companies in the UK and Ireland and has financed over 150 management buy-outs, buy-ins and business expansions in four main sectors - technology, specialist manufacturing, healthcare and media. Existing packaged systems were predominantly based around Microsoft Office with accounting ledgers running on Access Horizons accounts software. Apart from accounting, most processing activities were based on Microsoft Access databases written in house.

The Firm wished to replace its ad hoc systems with a new solution to provide improved workflow, better integration between applications and the introduction of facilities to allow more collaborative working between staff and investment partners.



User requirements definition and selection of new fully integrated packaged solution.


1 location, 30+ staff.

Scope of requirements

Front Office: contact management, fund raising, marketing, research & deal origination, deal management


Back Office: portfolio management, fund management, investor relations, track record



Islands of information - existing systems were not integrated resulting in duplication, manual intervention and much re-keying of data.

Bespoke applications - key processing operations were being managed using a single user bespoke application which was reliant on one person to update and maintain. 

Reliance on spreadsheets - spreadsheets were being used to duplicate information maintained in the bespoke database.

Limited management information - much manual effort was required to produce management and statistical reports.

Lack of communication between front and back office operations - the nature of the systems used restricted efficient sharing of data between front and back office operations.

Demanding requirements from investors - investors were becoming increasingly demanding in terms of the information required on their investments. 



The user requirements for both front and back office operations were documented and issued to potential suppliers of appropriate solutions. Proposals received from suppliers were evaluated and a short-list for further investigation established. Detailed demonstrations with the short-listed suppliers were held based on sample "scenarios" generated by the Firm. Following these demonstrations a favoured supplier was identified and due diligence undertaken along with final contract negotiation.

“We benefited from Microguide’s independence and pragmatic approach to software selection. Their tried and tested structured selection process allowed us to follow a clear step by step approach to choosing our favoured supplier as well as understand some of the softer business issues involved in the procurement and implementation process.”
Finance Director

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